Combine festive beauty,
environmental sensitivity and
massive electricity cost savings….


"Solar Powered Rope Lights"


Solar Rope Lights

(available in red, green, blue and white)

Solar Rope Lights

Now Available

Welcome to a fantastic new way to use the power of the sun -- Solar Rope Lights. Solar power is the fuel of the future, and now you can use Solar Rope Lights (also known as tube lights) for the fraction of the cost of one that is hooked up to the grid - and with none of the problems!

Just look at all the great features of Solar Rope Lights:

Red Check Powered completely FREE by the sun
Red Check Each rope lights has its own “solar factory”
Red Check Charges during the day to light up at night
Red Check Powers up even in overcast weather
Red Check Lights stay on up to 16 hours at a stretch
Red Check Handing a tube light is like handling a rope!
Red Check No wiring or other electrical hassles
Red Check No plug point required - just the sun!
Red Check Easy to install - no electrician required
Red Check Ground stake and wall mount included
Red Check Easy to move from one location to another
Red Check No maintenance required - totally AUTOMATIC
Red Check Cheaper to buy than standard tube lights
Red Check 100 000 hour lifespan ensures decades of use
Red Check Made of tough plastic for all-weather protection
Red Check Switches on and off AUTOMATICALLY
Red Check Extra bright, long-life LEDs (light emitting diode)
Red Check Totally safe for children and animals
Red Check Environmental impact is zero

With benefits such as these it is no wonder that Solar Rope Lights are flying off the shelves. Reserve your Solar Rope Lights soon to avoid disappointment.

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Solar Rope Lights


Where You Can Use Solar Rope Lights


Solar Rope Lights


You might be wondering if there is a limit to the place you can use a Solar Rope Light.

No, there are no limitations at all. Use solar rope lights anywhere you like! You are limited only by your imagination!

Solar Rope Lights are perfect for lining houses, windows, swimming pools, ponds, walkways, trees, gazebos, architectural structures, stairs, decks, outdoor furniture, and any other outdoor objects you can think of.

Solar Rope Lights can be wrapped around homes and buildings or used in landscaping to accentuate borders and contours and seating areas in the garden. They can be used to add interest to porches, courtyards and balconies. They are great in pubs and in clubs and in office eateries and gyms….. you just name it!


Solar Rope Lights

Tube lights can be used to create a subtle, dim light (color or white) for walkways, doorways or pathways; they can be used when there is a celebration such as a party or a religious holiday to signal where the festivities are being held; and even businesses such as restaurants use rope lights to enhance the atmosphere and create excitement in outdoor areas.

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Solar Rope Lights 

What Folks Are Saying About Solar Rope Lights


Solar rope lights are one of the fastest growing trends when it comes to solar lighting. These solar lights are created by wiring a large number of LED bulbs encased in clear plastic tubing. This allows for a good protection of the LEDs, and gives a certain amount of flexibility and ease when installing the lights in or around the home, garden or business.
Shelley Borthwick, Ed.
Solar Lighting magazine

Thank you for the solar rope lights you sent last week. I’m really enjoying them. I have tossed the old electric ropes I had in the garbage. I am planning to use solar rope lights as long as I live! With solar rope lights, there is no hassle of the wiring becoming tangled or the LEDs having to be constantly replaced. I am looking forward to seeing my next utility bill. I’ll bet it has come down dramatically
Bill Edson
Seattle, WA
just want to tell you the incredible effect the solar rope lights you sent created for my daughter’s 21st birthday party. I wrapped five of them around trees in the garden and the other five I wrapped around columns in the courtyard of our home where the party was held. The lights wrapped around the trees created an amazing vibe, while the lights on the courtyard created a super, festive atmosphere. Everyone is asking where I got them and I am renting the set of solar rope lights to a friend for her 60th birthday party next week. These are the most incredible invention ever. Thanks!
Verity-Ann Saulson
Boston, MA
Solar Rope Lights Panel
What You Get With Your Solar Rope Lights


Red Check 50 ultra bright LEDs
Red Check Rope 23 ft. long (end to end 23ft; light to light: 16.5ft; lead: 6.5ft)
Red Check Light sensor for dusk to dawn operation
Red Check Solar panel with ground stake and wall mount
Red Check Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries
Red Check Mounting hardware
Red Check Instruction manual

Red Check 102 ultra bright LEDs
Red Check Rope 39 ft. long
(end to end 39ft; light to light: 33ft; lead: 6ft)
Red Check Light sensor for dusk to dawn operation
Red Check Solar panel with ground stake and wall mount
Red CheckRechargeable Ni-MH Batteries
Red Check Mounting hardware
Red Check Instruction manual
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ONLY $44.95 per Solar Rope Light (23 ft. 50 LEDs) or
$59.95 per Solar Rope Light (39 ft., 102 LEDs)
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